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Outpunch the competition

Training and consulting that unlocks innovation.


 Innovation Doesn’t Have To Be Complex


Too many businesses worry about losing their competitive edge in a world of constant disruption and change. We know how hard it can be to innovate and create a culture that sustains long term growth.


Are you concerned with?

  • Recruiting and retaining top talent

  • Developing problem-solving skills

  • Driving growth and efficiency

  • Taking action and evolving current ideas

  • Building a sustainable culture of innovation

  • Gaining a competitive advantage



We provide holistic, fully-orchestrated programs to help harness and deploy innovation.


 Your Secret Weapon


With over five decades of experience in the field of innovation, technology, and the science of change, our team of experts bring knowledge and first hand experience to your organization.

  • Become an industry disruptor

  • Strengthen your competitive edge

  • Drive sales and profit growth

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A Systematic Approach to Innovation
Unlock your team's creative potential.

Training & Workshops

By applying a systematic approach to innovation, we provide high-impact training and workshops to empower each team member to develop an innovative mindset, resulting in sustainable growth.


Research-Based Consulting

Implementing our innovation expertise, we collaborate with you to solve specific challenges and seize new opportunities. We offer a systematic approach to driving innovation throughout your organization.


Expert Speakers

Powerful and thought-provoking keynote presentations that provide insightful and practical strategies to elevate and accelerate the rate of innovation within your organization.



What Clients Are Saying

It was quite literally one of the most motivating and thought provoking two hours of my professional career. I was blown away.
— Robert Cunningham, Heineken
I can tell you with 1000% confidence that you have opened the minds of our people. The buzz and excitement was palpable.
— Angeline Johnson, Moss Adams


Getting Started


Disruption is here, don’t let it catch you by surprise. Regain your competitive edge with a strategic innovation plan.




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Outpunch the Competition


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 Age of Creativity

  • Creativity is the most powerful force to foster sustainable success. It fuels growth, serves clients, and contributes to mission-based pursuits.

  • Innovative company cultures help attract and retain the best and brightest talent and fight back against competitive threats.

  • Creativity is the one thing that can’t be automated or outsourced - it’s an untapped natural resource in most organizations.

  • According to the World Economic Forum, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving are the 3 most important job skills for the year 2020. Are you ready?

  • According to recent research conducted by CB Insights, 85% of organizations agree that innovation is "extremely important" or "very important" to their growth strategy, while only 43% have established a process to develop it. This is where Platypus Labs can help.

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