Innovation, creativity, and growth-driving, imaginative thinking too often take a backseat to the immediate and pressing demands of the day.

Here, you can check out quick, easy-to-digest bursts of innovation inspiration that will easily fit into your busy schedule.



29-Second Innovation Blasts

Welcome to your fast and powerful injection of creativity, narrated by Josh Linkner. Josh is a leading expert on innovation, growth, and leadership, and the single highest-demand keynote speaker on innovation. He has spent the last two decades harnessing and deploying creativity to drive meaningful business outcomes and created these videos to help you on your creative journey.

Examine your business systems and processes and identify the ones that need to be thrown out.

Learn an effective brainstorming framework borrowed from the world of jazz music.

Disrupt the status quo and proactively seek to put yourself out of business.

In your organization, who are the Sappers and who are the Zappers? Which one are you?

Embrace the innovator’s mindset by proactively getting ahead of imminent disruptions.

Measure this important ratio amongst your team and start building a culture of innovation.

Combine two seemingly unrelated items to drive surprisingly unexpected outcomes.

Learn how everyday innovations can systematically drive game-changing results.

In order to generate powerful, transformative outputs, you must modify the inputs.

These 3 simple, yet magical questions can help unlock an endless supply of imagination.

Just a little bit of “hot sauce” can have profound impact on your innovation efforts.

Unlock and discover fresh new, possibilities by flipping your perspective around.


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein


Interviews with our Experts

We interviewed two of our Innovation Experts, Josh Linkner and Sara Frasca, on our most frequently asked questions on the topics of innovation and creativity. Check out their responses here!

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When do you know when it's time to pivot your business model?

Does innovation have to be hard and laborious?

What is the one critical characteristic you look for in an individual?

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Can you describe what you mean by micro-innovations?

What are your favorite brainstorming techniques?

What are your favorite ways to help gain customer empathy?

What are some of the favorite hacks to drive innovation?

For people who might be experiencing burnout, what advice would you offer?

In the early stages of a startup, how do you measure progress?

What’s the difference between creativity and innovation?