Tools and Techniques


Organizations that embrace innovation enjoy geometric results. Research shows that a 5% boost in an organization’s creative capacity can yield as much as a 50% boost in net income and shareholder value. In an era of dizzying speed and exponential complexity, harnessing innovation has become mission critical.

Human creativity is the one natural resource that is free, renewable, and limitless. It is the one technology that can’t be outsourced or automated, and is our most important asset in driving sustainable success. When organizations unlock the creative capacity of all team members, they liberate progress and seize competitive advantage.



The 7 Myths of Creativity

Explore some common myths, and uncover the truth behind this “fuzzy” topic that makes most people squirm in their chairs.


Build a Creative Culture

As most of the advantages of the past have become commoditized, creativity has become the currency of success.


Think Like A Startup

We’re often surprised that the most innovative breakthroughs come from startups with almost no money, experience, or resources.


Rules of Brainstorming

The point of brainstorming is to let creativity shine. Enjoy our 10 universal rules that establish a framework for the most productive ideation.


Top 5 Innovator Mindsets

Having studied hundreds of the most innovative people in history, we’ve discovered five core beliefs to drive growth and success.


The Borrowed Idea

This energizing ideation technique looks at how similar problems or opportunities are being tackled outside your area of expertise.


Invent Your Enemy

Learn how to unleash your disruptor’s mindset by creating a direct competitor who has set its sights on taking your business down!


Run the Experiment

This technique illustrates a flexible system that can be deployed to solve any challenge, especially the biggest and snarliest of all.


Innovator’s DNA

Research revealed that creative capacity is 80% learned. Here are the five skills that separate the most accomplished innovators from the rest.



Warm up your creative muscles, spark your imagination and inject a burst of innovative thinking with some of our favorite energizers.


Inhibitors of Creativity

Developing your creative chops is a priority, but beware of these evil forces looking to deplete our most valuable natural resource.


Creativity Brief

This is a proven system for organizing your thoughts up front and enjoying the best possible outcome from your creative pursuit.


Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking, we can get on with creating the future.
— James Bertrand