Innovation Jams Playing Cards

Innovation Jams Playing Cards


The Innovation Jams Playing Cards are jam-packed with over 50 cards featuring ideas, inspiration, and techniques to help you unleash your imagination, strengthen your creative muscles and systematically tackle complex problems.

There are 5 categories of cards:

  • Start Innovating: practical and approachable tools and techniques to drive change and progress today.

  • Into the Future: discover new opportunities by examining the key trends dramatically changing our competitive landscape.

  • Greatest Fails: learn valuable lessons from some the biggest business failures in history.

  • Get Inspired: find your creative spark by tapping into the wisdom of some of the greatest creative minds.

  • Stretch Your Creativity: warm up your creative muscles and give them a good workout with these practical challenges.

Use the Innovation Jams Playing Cards anytime you need to boost your creative output. The cards are a great tool kick off your team meetings and/or ideation sessions.

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