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Harness Creativity - Solve Difficult Problems

Build a sustainable culture of innovation through four key areas of consulting.


Platypus Consultants work with you to determine which developmental skills are needed to provide leaders of your organization with the right set of tools and frameworks to harness and deploy innovation within their teams.

  • Manage the push and pull of resources.

  • Unlock sustainable growth.

  • Become a more innovative leader, unlocking company-wide creativity.

  • Conquer tough problems; seize new opportunities.



We consult with you to set up accountability systems which will establish the right mix of rituals and rewards to maximize team member engagement to build sustainable culture of innovation throughout organization.

  • Harness inventive thinking throughout the organization.

  • Build a torrent of fresh, new ideas.

  • Boost morale, engagement and retention.

  • Make every team member an innovator.



Establish systems that support innovation. Create a more systematic, thoughtful way to build a robust pipeline of high-quality, transformative ideas.

  • Leverage a proven innovation process to better focus resources and drive results.

  • Adopt a systematic approach to capture, evaluate, and deploy fresh ideas.

  • Ensure your innovation methodology remains current and fine-tuned.



Build critical thinking and problem-solving skills at the individual level throughout the organization.

  • Elevate the creative thinking of every team member.

  • Inject inventiveness into each role, thereby boosting organizational performance.

  • Embrace the core mindsets of innovation that have led to the world’s biggest breakthroughs.


You can’t look in a new direction by looking harder in the same direction.
— Edward de Bono

 Our Approach

  • As human beings, we are hard-wired for creativity. Yet rigid schooling, ruthless bosses, and societal pressures systematically extinguish our creative flames.

  • Blending experiences from startups, science, research, art, and business, our passionate team helps our clients out-punch the competition and achieve remarkable results by unleashing a systematic approach to building creative organizations.

  • We empower our clients to solve complex problems, seize opportunities, and realize profound economic success by unlocking the creative potential of their people through cutting-edge, transformative experiences and methodologies.

  • Rather than simply solving innovation challenges, we co-create powerful solutions, ensuring your teams are well-equipped innovators when our work is done.

We believe that nearly any problem can be solved through human creativity.