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We live in unprecedented times. Exponential complexity, dizzying speed, disruptive technologies, and ruthless competition have leveled the playing field for some, while concurrently threatening established industry leaders. As many advantages of the past have become commoditized, competitive advantage has become elusive. 

Yet the one thing that can't be outsourced or automated is human creativity – it’s an untapped natural resource in most organizations. As human beings, we are all hard-wired for creativity. But too often, rigid schooling, ruthless bosses, and punishing societal pressures systematically extinguish our creative flames. Platypus Labs exists to solve this problem.

In these fist-fighting times, developing a culture of creativity and innovation is no longer optional, but rather mission critical. Creativity and innovation are the most powerful forces to foster sustainable success. They fuel growth, serve clients, and contribute to mission-based pursuits.  

Platypus Labs elevates and transforms organizations by systematically unlocking the creative potential of every team member and stakeholder. We provide holistic, fully-orchestrated programs to help our clients harness and deploy innovation. We empower our clients to solve complex problems, seize opportunities, and realize profound economic success by unlocking the creative potential of their people through cutting-edge, transformative experiences and methodologies.  


Some day a company will come along and put us out of business. It might as well be us.
— Josh Linkner

Why the Platypus?

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Similar to the platypus, we believe that the greatest innovations are an amalgamation of seemingly disparate insights and ideas, that together create surprisingly, unexpected outcomes enabling organizations to deliver their own toxic blow and outpunch the competition. 

 Welcome to Platypus Labs.